Kanna Experiences

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TESTIMONY FROM KANNA CUSTOMER: “I can not get over how effective Kanna is. I have been prescribed Prozac for a number of years, but it makes me jittery and sometimes makes me bounce off the walls. I always take it, though, because my mental state is even worse when I don’t take it. Kanna is like a miracle for me! I didn’t believe that an herbal product could be so effective for me! After doing a lot of research, though, I learned that most of the medicine that we are prescribed by doctors comes from natural plant sources, but is often synthesized into a chemical compound. So, i gave this Kanna a try, and could not believe the results. Within 2 weeks, I was able to, with my doctor’s help, wean myself off of the medication I was taking, and take only Kanna. I am not saying that this will work for everyone, and I am certainly not a doctor, but I know that this worked for me, and it has now opened me up to the amazing thought that there might be many other plants that could benefit so many people.

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